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Custom Powder Worx is a small, family owned company  in Taylorsville NC.  The powder coating process involves multiple steps for a quality finish.  First the part must be stripped of all paint or rust.  Second the part must be dipped and outgassed.  Third the part is then charged with powder.  The fourth and final step involves curing the part.  The final product is a very strong, clean, smooth finish for years to come. 

Custom Powder Worx can provide you with profressional powder coating work at a competitive price.  Almost any color you can imagine, can be done.  Can have most work performed in a timely turn around time.  Whether its motorcycle parts, car parts, bicycle parts or any other metal part you are wanting to restore, Custom Powder Worx can help.  Nothing compares to the look and strength of a powder coated finish.

​Email for quotes.

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